So, welcome to Wildiverse! Currently, this site is being run by one man, and that’s me. My name is Ahmed and I am about to tell you a little bit about myself. As a young child, I was always fascinated by nature and wildlife, constituting to my inevitable love for all animals. My childish curiosity inevitably led me to wanting to be a vet… then a doctor (it’s an Asian thing) … then I discovered I was a good technical thinker so I wanted to be an engineer… then my animal mood came back to me in style and showed me the world of zoology. Deciding what I wanted to be growing up was a bumpy ride, but eventually, I had to decide, and gosh it was difficult.

One day, I was thinking to myself about what purpose do animals hold, and what benefits they provide us. One can easily only think linearly when picturing something like a bumble bee and say, ‘they do some kinky stuff with flowers that consequently produces oxygen for us to breathe’. But if you reconsider the locomotive aspects and the physiology, there are aspects such as their algorithmic thinking, wing motion and so on, and if you could implement them in our designs, what changes they could make? Now, when I thought of this idea of studying animals and nature as a tool for designing and contributing to engineering better solutions, I felt like I had found kryptonite and was going to win the Nobel Prize, I was picturing it and all. But then I Googled the idea and found out it already existed and had a name – Biomimicry. Gosh I felt like a meme.

So, I chose to do Mechanical Engineering at Coventry University and graduated with a First Honours in 2017. Now my next step is a PhD in an area which I can use the concept which is biomimicry, Ideally in a medical field. Now you’re probably thinking, ‘how does that work?’ well that brings me on to my main point, the purpose of this website.

I can’t help but worry about the lack of knowledge some of us have when the topic of animals is raised. Deluded by the media to believe stuff like elephants fearing mice, or mice love cheese, there was more to show about the creatures of the world then such lies. So, I created Wildiverse to almost educate the world in what the phenomenal truth is about the wonderful creatures of the world, from simplistic facts to advanced ongoing research (one day a field I will fulfil in terms of profession).

So, what to expect? Well there is only one of me but this is my lifetime interest and one day potentially an aided profession. I plan to start posting interesting articles with three intentions: educating people, fascinating people and entertaining people. Simple as.

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Enjoy and have a lovely day.

Ahmed 🙂